How to Stop Dieting

End your crazy dieting cycles. Forever.





Eating is a skill.  You don’t have it.



Let’s change that.

Imagine yourself enjoying a delicious meal with your family.  Your beautiful family sitting all around you, smiles and laughter across the table.  The smell of your grandmother’s speciality emminating from the centre of the table.  The warmth of hot food touching your skin.  Your mother spent the entire day cooking this generous feast.  And now all your loved ones are gathered around it, waiting to begin eating.

You feel calm.  You feel at peace.  You’re not anxious.  You’re not thinking about how many calories are in front of you.  You aren’t worried if the wine will make you eat more.  You are here to enjoy a beautiful night with your family.  To bask in their presense and immerse yourself with their conversation.  Alas – let the feast begin!

My name is Tina Huynh.

I’ve been through it all. I know your pain.  It’s been mine.

Over the last ten years I’ve digested tens of thousands of dollars worth of books, programs, diet regimens, supplement schemes and anything else you can think of.  All in the name of being skinny.

Most of it didn’t work for me.

Actually, it made me hate myself.  Because I kept failing.

I thought I was SO STUPID because I couldn’t follow this simple little meal plan.

I severely limited what I allowed myself to eat.

I started to binge on candies that I didn’t even like.  I ate so much that I couldn’t stand without feeling pain.

Does this sound familiar to you?  I really hope it doesn’t.  But the reality is that it does for many women.

And if this is you, I’d like to help you.  I’m going to show you what worked.

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