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Good afternoon!

I’m about three weeks into an online coach certification program called the Eating Psychology Coach Certification program offered by the Institute of Eating Psychology.  That’s a lot of big official sounding words, right?  I digress.

I’ve started the program because I’m really serious about this whole eating psychology thing.  Why did I end up with an eating disorder?  Why don’t other people have eating disorders?

How are some people able to restrict themselves without falling into the faulty mindset that I did?  Why are some people able to eat whatever they want and stay thin?

The course recently brought up a really great point that hit home.

We don’t embrace the feminine.

Okay okay, let me explain:

Today’s dieting and fitness industry primarily promotes a numbers game:

Eat less than 1500 calories a day.

Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

Most weight loss advice commonly gets boiled down into two short sentences:

Eat less. Move more.

And from that, we get a simple equation (math!):

Eat less + Move more = Weight loss.

Ta – dah!

If only it were actually that simple.

Marc David (Institute of Eating Psychology founder, and my teacher) says that the masculine is very logical, rigid, and structural – exactly everything that this equation represents. There’s no room for error — no room to be human.

And that’s exactly how I approached my own weight loss in the beginning…  It didn’t matter how I felt that day, I had to stick to a certain amount of calories or I was going to fail my weight loss goals.

And that’s exactly where I went wrong, too.

And here is where the feminine comes in.

What about how you FEEL?  What about what you WANT?

What about what your body NEEDS?

How was I going to stick to 1500 calories every day if I absolutely dreaded every second of it?

There was no love in my diet plan.

How could I feel full off of an empty salad that drained me of excitement, rather than filling me with nourishment like food should be?

I felt so empty eating (what I thought was) “healthy” that it led me to binge on ice cream afterwards, negating any healthy eating that I did that day anyway.

So, what is the Feminine?

It’s love, it’s nourishment, it’s wildly free and non-linear.

It’s exactly everything that I was missing on my journey.

And that’s why I wanted to share this with you today:

Are you embracing the Feminine in your life?

What are some ways that you can introduce self-love and nourishment into your routine?

In terms of dieting, this could mean eating food that makes you feel energized, satisfied and happy.  Who says food is simply fuel?  For me, food is time spent with family and friends… so for me, food is love.

Because if you’re truly SATISFIED with the food you’re eating, then you won’t be needing to reach for more when you’re done.
With exercise, if you dread it, then stop forcing yourself on ten mile runs.  How about a leisurely walk in nature instead?  Movement can be energizing too.

Post a comment and let me know, what is ONE way that you’re going to start introducing the Feminine (ie. love and nourishment) into your routine today?

Let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Tina